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Save time creating content and look polished with Canva templates!

We've made posting on social media 10x easier by creating fully customizable Canva templates for the busiest of business owners or entrepreneurs who wants an Instagram glow up + save time along the way.

WIN BIG with the Carousel Pack


Create savable and shareable content with your audience with carousel posts

(100 pages total)!

Carousel posts are a great way to share educational content.

GET NOTICED with the Reels Pack

$49 (1).png

Create a binegable Reels feed with fully customizable reel covers!

Tell your audience quickly what your Reel is about all while bringing your feed to life with consistency and standing out of the crowd.


Do you need to have Canva Pro?!

-No, but if you create content for your business, I highly recommend the software. It is 100% worth the investment. Some elements used might be pro, but you can swap for free ones easily!

How are these products delivered?

-Email only.

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